Consultancy Management

What is Workplace Consultancy Management ?

Aligned with the vision & values of the organization & to make informed and integrated decisions on new working strategies, and staff wellbeing, you need accurate and reliable data assessing your current workplace and future workplace requirements. A well thought through workplace strategy will help make better use of your existing or future space and increase overall efficiency. This process of discovering strategically what your organization needs to improve your workplace efficiency is Workplace Consultancy Management.

How it works?

The Workplace Consultancy process has 5 stages:
• Key Stakeholder Workshop
• Space & Occupancy Study
• Staff Survey – Online / Employee Engagement Workshop
• Recommendations & Consolidation
• Implementation

This process could take 4 – 8 weeks depending on the needs of the client and size of the workplace.

Workplace consultancy is valuable for any business going through a phase of growth or consolidation, relocation or refurbishment or even re-branding or change of management

Remarkable Benefits of Workplace Consultancy

• Increased productivity & performance
• Reduced real-estate cost
• Talent attraction, retention & engagement
• Workplace accurately reflects the brand, culture & values
• Improved communication & collaboration
• A flexible workforce and organization
• Improved employee wellbeing & reduced sickness
• Future proofed office