Telecom & IT Services

Our Products & Services Are Technology Driven & Digitalization Focused

Along with global economic integration, the competition is intensifying. IT service has gradually become an essential assurance for enterprise’s smooth and efficient operation. To more and more enterprises, it is a preferred choice to select professional partners to help with deployment and operational maintenance, so that they can effectively manage IT functions, and focus on improving their own business capability as well as work efficiency.

As a highly experienced IT solution provider, Crossfunction helps customers build IT infrastructure and conduct deployment and operational maintenance through comprehensive and uniform approaches. It can be applied either in customers’ traditional data center or a new public cloud environment, to monitor and manage the performance of IT facilities for the customers. This helps the overloaded IT team access the necessary information more quickly and conveniently, improve the quality of service, boost work predictability and efficiency, and reduce cost.

Crossfunction core IT Products & Services are as follow:

• Integrated state of the art Networking Solutions
• Data & Call center solution
• Software Development
• IT Equipment’s & Accessories
• Integrated CCTV Surveillance Solutions